From her own mouth…DeVos’ testimony verifies that she is the wrong choice.


For the past two months, we have been sharing information with you about Betsy DeVos, the devastating impact she has had on public education in Michigan, and the threat she poses for children and education if she becomes secretary of education.

You had the opportunity to listen to her yourself during the Jan. 17 Senate confirmation hearing. What you heard from her own mouth was even worse than what we had told you.

You heard that she doesn’t believe that private schools should have to follow federal law in protecting children with disabilities.

You heard that she will not hold charters to the same accountability as traditional public schools.

You heard that she thinks guns should be allowed in schools – after all, we have to protect children against grizzly bear attacks.

You heard that she refuses to enforce the law concerning sexual assaults on campuses.

You heard that even though she wants to be secretary of education, she does not know the difference between proficiency and growth – concepts that have been debated for years in education.

You heard that she refuses to commit to enforcing gainful employment laws to ensure that private universities do not cheat students out of thousands of dollars.

Thank you to the more than 1,500 members who have sent emails to Senators Portman and Brown urging them to vote against the DeVos nomination.

Thank you to the countless numbers of you who have made calls into the offices of our Senators.

Your actions are making a difference.

  • Brown has committed to voting against DeVos – thank you Sen. Brown!
  • The confirmation vote has been delayed.

Please continue to take action. Continue to call Sen. Portman’s office to request a “no” vote on the DeVos nomination. DeVos is wrong for America’s children. Tell Sen. Portman to reject her – call him at 202-224-3353.

Ask others to join our efforts by urging others to call him. Ask your family members and friends to make calls. This action might take 3-4 minutes and could make a significant difference in the lives of our children.

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