Do you support the Common Core Standards?

Do you support the Common Core Standards?  Have you had quality professional development on implementation?  Do you have all the resources you need?  Are you worried that high stakes decisions from testing will be made before you have had a chance to fully understand and implement the standards?  These are the types of questions AFT recently asked in a survey of membership about the Common Core.  (See highlights of poll below or link to report here

On April 30, AFT President delivered an important speech supporting the Common Core standards but calling for a moratorium on the consequences attached to the testing for the Common Core.  This moratorium will give educators time to really understand the standards, adjust their instructional strategies, get the resources they need, and make changes within the system to support the work – all pieces which members indicate on an AFT survey that are currently missing in most districts.  The moratorium will also give all involved an opportunity to use the data from the test to determine both educator and student needs and to evaluate whether the tests work for demonstrating what a child has learned through the Common Core .

Tomorrow, May 9, AFT teachers across the nation will be wearing blue to show their support for President Randi Weingarten’s call for a one-year moratorium on the high stakes attached to Common Core testing.  In Ohio, members across the state from Cincinnati to Toledo will be joining in this action.

I want to hear more from our members though, and from other teachers across the state, on Common Core in Ohio.  Do you support the Common Core?  What are your experiences with the Common Core so far?  Have you started implementing it yet?  How do you like teaching the Common Core standards?  Have you had quality professional development?  Do you have the resources they need? What are you concerns about implementation?   What are your concerns about the testing?  Do we need a one year moratorium?

Share your experiences below.  Tell your stories.  Make your voices heard.  Help write the next chapter on Common Core.  And wear BLUE tomorrow in support of the moratorium.

Comment section is below the poll results.

Highlights of the AFT poll:

  • 75 percent support the Common Core State Standards.
  • 74 percent are worried that the new assessments will begin—and students, teachers and schools will be held accountable for the results—before everyone involved understands the new standards and before instruction has been fully implemented with the standards.
  • 83 percent support a moratorium on consequences for students, teachers and schools until the standards and related assessments have been fully in use for one year.
  • 27 percent said their school district has provided them with all or most of the resources and tools they need to successfully teach the standards.
  • 78 percent of teachers in low-performing schools said they have been given just some, few or no resources.
  • 53 percent said they have received either no training or inadequate training to help prepare them to teach to the standards.
  • 57 percent said their school district is very or fairly prepared to successfully implement the standards, while 39 percent said their district is just somewhat or not prepared.
  • 76 percent said their school district has not provided enough planning time for understanding the standards and putting them into practice.
  • 58 percent said their district has not done enough to have a fully developed curricula aligned to standard available to teachers.
  • 53 percent said there has been inadequate professional development and training in the standards.
  • 54 percent said their district has not done enough to have assessments aligned to the standards.
  • And half, or 51 percent, said there have not been enough opportunities for teachers to practice with students to ensure they are learning key concepts and principles.
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